Podcasts About Podcasting

Podcasts About Podcasting

As you learn how to podcast, it's always a good idea to hear from pros to learn tips and techniques for improving your show. There are many podcasts about podcasting to teach you more stuff.

Podcast Conferences Recorded Talks

Podcast conferences are a great way to learn what everyone else is doing to make great audio. In these talks you can hear how the pros got started and how they tackle difficult challenges.

Podcast News

It's great to keep up with all the latest news in Podcast land so you know where to put focus and what not to do.

Interviews with Podcast People

These shows cover interviews with the people of podcasting. Famous podcasters or executives or producers for popular shows are interviewed here and much knowledge can be gained from these interviews.

Podcasts About Storytelling

All podcasters are storyteller. Even the show "The World According to Sound" which is just a 90 second show featuring a single sound. The best way to keep your audience engaged and tuned in is to learn how to be a great storyteller. These shows will help you be better at this.

Podcasts about the Mechanics of Podcasting

These shows will go over mics, editors, hosting providers, and the technical bits that go into making a podcast.

For an even bigger list of podcasts about podcasting check out this list from Podcast Junkies.