Visualizing Crowd Sizes

Visualizing Crowd Sizes

As a podcaster's audience grows, it's fun to sometimes visualize what your audience size looks like. Here are some images of crowd sizes.

50 people

50 people will fill up a room pretty quick.

100 people

Speaking in front of this many people makes me nervous!

150 people

The average podcast has 150 listeners. This is what that many people look like.

250 people

Now you're filling up full churches. Think about that, if your podcast comes out weekly and you draw this many people, you're just as popular as some small churches.

500 people

You're outgrowing churches now, you're now filling up entire theaters.

1,000 people

Well now you're packing the house in theaters, needing bigger theaters.

3,000 people

At this point theaters are barely holding you. Going to have to take this outside soon. Don't forget to count people on upper balconies.

10,000 people

Ok we now need a stadium to hold your audience.

20,000 people


30,000 people


50,000 people


75,000 people


100,000 people


180,000 people

Texas Motor Speedway claims to be able to hold 180,000 people, but that includes the skybox seats high above too.

Ah, one can only dream about creating an audience so big a stadium can't even hold them. Yes we all want a bigger audience but if you look over these images, do any of these crowd sizes satisfy you? I'm personally thoroughly impressed with that 500 person crowd. If you can draw a crowd that large, capture their attention for 30 minutes, and then they come back again next week, that is truly a remarkable accomplishment. Sometimes seeing the actual size of crowds like this help us put into perspective what our goals are as podcasters.